How does Modulaid work?
verschillende modules Modulaid
Different modules
The Modulaid boxes contain different modules, focused on specific injuries. With the modules you can compose the perfect box for your company.
verbanddoos modulaid
Unique box
Every box has a unique QR code which can be used to inventorize your first aid kit using our app. Scan the QR code on the box and then the barcodes on the modules.
app Modulaid
Ready for labour inspection
Your receive a reminder by email when a module is about to expire or when it's time for the yearly inventory of the box. After inventorizing the box, the missing and expired modules are automatically ordered and delivered to keep the box up-to-date. Modules can off course always be ordered, without inventorizing.

QR code op verbanddoos
Unique QR code
Every box has a unique QR code which is linked to the contents of the box.
app Modulaid startscherm
Easy-to-use app
Make an inventory in no time and order the missing modules.
Modulaid verbanddoos stickers
Module stickers
Add stickers to the box to see the content from the outside.
Verzegeling Modulaid
Sealed modules
Easy to spot which modules have been opened